Painting Company in Alpharetta Shares the Best Interior Prepping Steps

Nothing changes up the look and feel of a room quite like a fresh coat of paint does. A room can go from classy and elegant to playful and fun – just with a switch in color. It’s been heavily reported that paint can affect our moods and thoughts, so the color of a room can have a huge impact on your way of life. That being said, when prepping for a DIY painting project, be sure not to look over any preparation steps. Doing the necessary tasks before performing the job can make or break the final result. Luckily for you, our painting company in Alpharetta experts have compiled a list of the biggest prep steps to take when getting ready for a painting project.

Top 9 Steps for Prepping an Interior, From Your Painting Company in Alpharetta Experts

Want to make your upcoming paint project look like the pros did it? Our painting company in Alpharetta professionals are here to give you the skinny on prepping before your project. Skipping out on these steps could be the difference between a cheap paint job and a quality paint job.

1. Remove Fixtures

In order to properly paint your room with a fresh coat of paint, you should start by removing the fixtures on the walls. This could include pictures, decorations and shelves. If you plan on reinstalling one of the fixtures after painting, you probably won’t have to remove the nail or drywall anchor. This could save you a few extra steps.

Painting_Company_in_Alpharetta_Spackle2. Fill in Holes

Once all fixtures are removed, fill in your drywall with spackling. As mentioned above, to save you an extra step after painting, you do not have to fill in the holes that you plan on using again. This is also a time to fill in any imperfections on your drywall. Scratches, dings and tears can all be patched before you paint.

3. Smooth the Surface

After all your drywall’s holes are filled in and the spackling is dry, lightly sand the surface of the wall that needs to be smoothed out. This step will eliminate many of the wall’s blemishes and will result in a beautiful final product.

4. Remove Hardware

To ensure that the entire wall – floor to ceiling – is properly covered and looks professional after the job is done, remove all wall plates and hardware on the walls. The most common wall plates that you’ll have to remove will be switch covers and outlet covers. Keep the wall plates and screws in an organized, safe spot so that you don’t lose them during the project. Be careful, cautious and alert when removing the protective covering of electrical outlets and switches.

Painting_Company_in_Alpharetta_Tarp5. Protect Your Items

Paint is a messy product, especially for a DIYer. To make sure your furniture, floor and other belongings stay clean and pristine, cover them with a sheet, cloth or tarp. Many times, you can use an old bed sheet or buy a cheap, used one from the thrift store. Make sure it’s a sheet that you plan on retiring, as it will get paint on it.

6. Try Out Some Samples

Before committing to a color and spending all that time and money to paint a room a color you don’t particularly love, try getting a few small paint samples and testing them on the wall. See how they look when dry and in typical lighting. This could save you the headache of needlessly painting a room twice.

Painting_Company_in_Alpharetta_Graphic7. Clean Walls

Much like the exterior of your home should be prepped by being pressure-washed, wipe off your drywall, baseboards and crown molding for the best results. Cleaning the surface of your walls will give you the smoothest and best results. You’ll be surprised how much dust collects on the walls.

8. Tape

Want a clean, sharp look to your paint job? Of course you do! No one likes a sloppy paint job. If you don’t have a steady or trained hand, painter’s tape is a great tool to use to help keep your edges looking sharp and professional. It requires a bit of time and patience to prep and take off, but the results are well worth it: straight lines and perfect transitions.

9. Call for Help

Does the job seem insurmountable? Maybe you don’t have the time or know-how to handle it on your own. Even with the big jobs that involve ladders or scaffolding, the pros can lend a hand. As far as a painting company in Alpharetta goes, Four Seasons Painting provides the best combination of value and quality, which is why countless homeowners in the area rely on their services. You don’t have to do this alone. Give Four Seasons a call today! With about two decades of experience, we promise you’ll be satisfied with the quality and results.

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