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When to Refresh Your Home with a New Coat of Paint

It seems like the honey-do list just never ends. You’ve cleaned the gutters and fixed the garbage disposal, but what about those big weekend projects like refreshing a room with a new coat of paint? You might not think about it a lot, but exterior and interior walls should be repainted every so often to maintain a sharp appearance. If you’re wondering how often they should be painted, then you’re not alone. A lot of homeowners have this question! That’s why our painting services professionals from Alpharetta are here today. Let’s breakdown how often you should repaint.


When Is It Time to Repaint?

While professional painters may have different opinions and recommendations, your home exterior may need a fresh coat of paint once every five to ten years while the interior walls may need to be repainted more frequently. What accounts for the difference? Several factors play a role in determining how often you need to update your paint job. Let’s talk about the house exterior first, shall we?


Painting Exterior Walls

The durability of your exterior paint job depends on three major factors:

  1. The environmental conditions in your area
  2. The overall quality of the previous paint job
  3. Maintenance


Environmental Conditions

The climatic and environmental conditions in the general area where you live play a major part in determining how often you need to have your exterior walls repainted. Houses located in areas that experience humid summers and cold winters may need repainting once five to seven years while those situated in coastal areas may need a more frequent paint job. Under the right conditions, Atlanta homeowners only need an exterior paint job once every 10 years.

Previous Paint Job

While environmental conditions can determine how often your exterior walls need to be repainted, you also need to consider the quality of the previous paint job. The type and quality of paint used, the quality of the preparation and (surprise!) even the paint color can influence how long the paint job will last.

Additionally, the weather condition when the house was painted also plays a part in determining the durability of the paint job. So, if you’re repainting the house exterior, have it done on a warm, dry day to make sure the paint dries perfectly.


Regular maintenance can extend the life of your paint job, so be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear such as moisture damage, rot, insect and/or rodent infestation, and mold. If you notice any of these issues, address them as soon as possible.

Painting Interior Walls

As a general rule, heavily used areas in the house should be repainted more frequently. As advised by our painting services pros, common areas might be a fresh coat of paint more often then a bedroom or office would. Here are our recommendations for how often to paint in the average Alpharetta home:

  • Living and dining rooms: every five to seven years while the 
  • Kitchen and bathroom: every three to four years
  • Kids’ bedrooms and hallways: every two to three years on average while 
  • Adult bedrooms: every five years

Need a Professional Paint Job?

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