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Let the Right Color Complement Any Season

We all have that one house in the neighborhood that has an eyesore of a paint job that’s a borderline HOA violation. Maybe it has bright blue shutters, or maybe it’s a vibrant hue of purple. Either way, we all know the importance of the right paint color on a house – it could even affect your value on the open market. What most homeowners don’t think of is that your paint color has to look good every day of the year, not just the day you pick it out. To help you find the perfect color that will look beautiful through summer and winter, our exterior painting service professionals are here with a few suggestions.


The Top Colors That Look Great in Every Season

1. Tan

Best year-round option: any tan

Tan is just about the most neutral paint color option available. It looks especially nice with homes that have stone or wood features on the façade. Since this is a quieter, natural color, it goes well with the vibrant highs of spring and summerwhile complementing the sophisticated beauty of fall and winter.


2. White or Cream

Best year-round option: any white or cream

Accentuate the classiness of winter while creating an extension of spring’s fresh feel. White and cream as exterior paint colors for a come are staples because they go with every season. This option is great for homes that have exposed or painted brick.


3. Blue

Best year-round option: soft blues

Blue is a great color for a home, but you can go wrong with it; for example, bright blue will clash with the warm colors of autumn. We recommend soft or light blue tones to help your home look absolutely beautiful throughout all seasons. Match the tranquil look of fall and winter while adding to the spirited landscaping of spring and summer.


4. Gray

Best year-round option: mid to light grays

The smoky and elegant look of gray adds a sophisticated charm to any home. It’s also a nice complementary color to the patriotic and vibrant aesthetic of summer while also perfectly accompanying the subdued, relaxing nature of fall and winter. Your home will convey style and personality without clashing while you have up holiday and seasonal decorations.


5. Green

Best year-round option: olive green

As another common tone of the earth, green is a wonderful exterior paint color for a home. From forest green to olive green, this color can go well with the different flavors of each season. Think of the burned and crimson leaf colors of autumn, the lively spouts of spring, and the bare yet delicate appeal of winter. Green, if not too bright, can either gently complement these seasons or offer a pop when your landscaping isn’t as naturally vibrant.


Bright colors that could clash with the unique qualities of each season are not recommended. There are countless options available that are beautiful every day of the year.

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