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The True Price of a Cheap Roswell Painting Job

When shopping around for painting quotes, homeowners might wince, gripping onto their wallets in response to a number they weren’t prepared for. However, the truth is that the cost of a good painting job has more value than a cheap, rushed one. Whenever you make an investment for your home, longevity is the name of the game; just like you wouldn’t want to replace your furnace every few years, homeowners should want to invest in a paint job that will have the longest lifespan possible. Our Roswell painting company professionals share the facts as to why a cheap paint job is actually more expensive in the long run.


Signs of a Cheap Painting Project, According to Our Roswell Painting Company

Neglecting Prep Work

Preparation is key. A house should be properly pressure washed to remove all mildew, mildew spores and dirt. Another aspect of prep work is caulking, which should only be done with recommended materials to avoid cracking down the road. Some companies might use cheap caulk, which is not longlasting. Even if you use the most expensive paint, a house that is not properly prepped will not last very long.

Ignoring Necessary Repairs

Often times, the time to repair some nicks and bruises around the house is when you’re ready to paint. This might include replacing some siding, replacing fascia or even getting new gutters. While these suggestions might come as a surprise to the customer, they’re always in their best interest. Deciding not to invest in these repairs and rather paint over damaged sections of the house might cause the homeowner to need to paint only a few years from now – much sooner than this investment would typically last. While the ins and outs vary from case to case, the most common reason for such repairs is moisture damage, which can cause wood to rot. Such damages could affect other areas of your home and could be an HOA violation, causing the homeowner to turnaround and invest in painting once again sooner than they wanted to.

Clarity is also important when considering repairs. If the specific products to be used are not listed in your estimate, then that is typically a red flag.

Quality of Materials

In many facets of life, you’ve probably noticed that quality makes a difference. That’s why many prefer Apple products over PCs, fresh ingredients over frozen foods or even movies starring A-listers over low-budget productions. Some companies might try to save money by using the cheapest paint on the market. While this gets the job done, cheap paint is not in the best interest of the customer. Lower-end paint will fade quicker, won’t be as weather-resistant and might be susceptible to chipping.



Sure, a cheap coat of paint might give your house a small facelift for the time being, but that decision will simply act as a bandage until the job gets done the right way down the road. Here’s how saving money today might cost you more in the future:

  1. Even if you’re spending one-third of the price today, you’ll end up needing to repaint your house sooner than if you were to opt for a more thorough option. Your choices are to either pay one-third of the price every few years or pay the full price to make your investment last as long as possible.
  2. If you decide to lower the cost by turning down necessary repairs, you will most likely end up addressing the problem a few years from now, requiring you to repaint the areas in question. Additionally, such damages might accrue HOA penalties and fines.
  3. Diluting gasoline isn’t the solution to getting the amount of gas you need. The point being is that you can’t pay less and expect a proper result. By using lesser tools, materials and personnel, you’re cheating your house by not giving it the attention it

While price is an important factor in choosing a painting contractor, it shouldn’t be the only – and that works both ways. Don’t accept the cheapest offer just because it’s easiest on the wallet, and don’t pick the most expensive, thinking that must mean they’ll do the best job – although that might be the case. To pick your ideal Roswell painting company, do your research and trust your instincts. If the project manager from a certain company seems knowledgeable, honest and quality, you’ve probably found your match! Arturo and Carolina of Four Seasons Painting are enthusiastic about meeting your needs and committed to using quality products at a price point that can satisfy.

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