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How to Prep Your Home to Sell

Coming to the decision to sell your home and open up a new chapter in your life is a big step. It’s normal to be nervous before your upcoming transition, but we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you. If you’re wondering how to prep your home before putting it on the market, then look no further; our Alpharetta interior painting services pros are here to give you a few insights on getting your home ready for the real estate market.



Top 5 Tips for Selling Your House

1. Stage and Remove Clutter

Most realtors will tell you that any potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in your home. They’ll look at the master bedroom, for example, and imagine their color scheme, their photos on the wall and their clothes in your closet. They’re mentally preparing to buy this home, so make the home as attractive and clean as possible for them by clearing out your clutter and staging it for the open market. Also, don’t forget to reduce any odors – such as pet dander or smoke – before putting your home on the market.


2. Take Care of the Exterior

Overgrown hedges and a weed-infested lawn could turn away a few potential buyers. With a for sale sign in your lawn, you want your exterior to look just as sharp as your interior – if not even better. Set aside a weekend when you can pressure-wash the driveway and clean out your flower beds. Your home’s exterior might also need some freshening up, so keep that in mind as you make a to-do list. Once you’re done, take a moment to appreciate that work you’ve completed and get ready to go on the market!


3. Tackle the Honey-Do List

What’s that one thing on your honey-do list that’s been there for years? It might be time to finally get out the toolbelt and take care of it – or hire a handyman to do it for you. Remember, a potential home buyer will have an inspector come out who extensively will test every outlet, check your water temperature and much more. Make sure your house passes that inspection so that your property is on the market for as short as possible.


4. Update the Outdated

Do you have worn-out oven from the ‘80s that doesn’t match with the rest of your kitchen? What about that rickety ceiling fan in the guest bedroom? Remember that every moment during a showing is an opportunity to impress, so eyesores like that old oven or ceiling fan might be a lasting negative impression people in the market walk away with.


5. Freshen Up with Paint

Take a look at your living areas, bedrooms and kitchen – you might notice a few imperfections that have happened over the years. Always take the opportunity to make an impression; freshen up your home with a new coat of paint. Don’t have the time as you get ready for the move? Don’t worry – Four Seasons has your back!


Let Four Seasons Help with Your Interior Painting

We’re ready to take on your project. With two decades of experience, the expert team here at Four Seasons Painting is ready to transform your home as you prep it for the real estate market. Using proven techniques and highly recommended products, we offer a five-year warranty on all our interior and exterior painting jobs. To get in touch with the most trusted interior painting services company in Alpharetta, contact Four Seasons Painting today at (678) 585-0980. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping with your upcoming project.