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The to-do list of a homeowner seems endless, but when the payoff of your hard work includes summer barbecues and pool parties, spending a few hours on the weekend doing some patio maintenance is worth it. You might look at your deck and think, “Where do I even begin,” but with some regular maintenance, keeping up with your patio can be just another simple chore on your to-do list. Today, our deck staining services professionals are here to help lay out the basics of maintaining your patio area.





Top 5 Patio Maintenance Tips

1. Pressure Wash Carefully

Keeping your deck clean can help extend its life and minimize upkeep needs; one of the best ways to clean your outdoor space is to pressure wash it. However, you can’t pressure wash a deck the same way you pressure wash a driveway. Usually, cement driveways are just that – cement, having no finish. Decks, whether wooden, cement or made from another material, are typically stained and treated. Pressure washing these areas without care could damage the material and take off the finish, so wash them with tact on a light setting or hire a professional for the job.


2. Clean Regularly

Throughout the year, your deck might build up with twigs and leaves. Every few weeks or so, make sure to grab a leaf blower and clear off your deck – even when it’s not in regular use. The reason why this is so important is that, for example, a pile of leaves could sit for weeks or months, holding moisture and dirt against your deck, which could cause the wood to need replacement sooner rather than later.


3. Check for Damage

Moisture damage, termite damage and splitting can happen at any moment. Making small repairs as needed can help your deck stay well-maintained. If not checked periodically, you could find innumerable repairs at one time, turning the task from a small weekend project to a complete overhaul. Keep the job small by keeping up with it week after week. Checking for damage and repairing as needed is very important to make sure your patio is structurally sound.


4. Cleaning Your Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture can be a bear to clean, especially chairs with cushions. According to the DIY Network, a solution made from laundry detergent, warm water and Borax will do the trick. With Independence Day around the corner and temperatures rising in Georgia, now is the time to put some elbow grease in to clean off your outdoor furniture.


5. Staining Your Deck

Many homeowners opt to get their patios stained to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty while preserving it. Getting your deck stained is beneficial for more than just aesthetics. The wood of an unstained patio would only last a few years since stain acts as a protection from moisture and sunlight damage, helping the lumber last longer under harsh outdoor conditions. Looking into deck staining services is well worth it for any homeowner.


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