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Spend Your Winter Making Warm Interior Updates

With weather that can make staying indoors favorable, winter can be an ideal time for getting some interior home improvements underway, even in Alpharetta. While many might long for cozy winter days, curling up on the couch and watching TV, doing something productive like starting an interior renovation project can be totally fun and rewarding at the same time.

Which home improvement projects should you undertake this season? Our interior painting services professionals share some updating ideas that you may want to consider.


3 Ideal Home Interior Projects for Winter

1. Show your walls some love

Just because most people take on interior painting projects in spring or summer doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same this time of the year. In fact, it can be a great idea since paints tend to dry more quickly during the winter, thanks to the dry, cold, and crisp interior air. However, please note that you may need to slightly crack your windows open to let the winter air do the trick.

Additionally, painting contractors are not as busy as they would be during the summer, so your project can be completed in less time.

Why should you consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls? Here are some good reasons why you should.

  • It cleans and refreshes your walls.                                                                
  • It adds a protective layer to keep out moisture and prevent mold and mildew from building up.
  • It repels dirt, dust, and allergens from forming on your walls.
  • It can affect the mood and style of a room.
  • It makes your home more appealing to potential buyers, thereby increasing its value.


2. Install trim

Crown molding and baseboards can easily transform any home from bland and boring to elegant and appealing. If done correctly, these simple architectural elements can give your space a lot of character and increase its market value. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this job.

Crown molding and baseboard installation requires precise measurements, detailed execution, and careful attention to details, so leave this project to the pros for a perfect result. Ideally, you’ll need someone who knows how to pick the right crown molding that will match the style of your home, install it correctly, and do a great job of painting it. Otherwise, you’re just throwing good money away for something that wouldn’t add anything to your home and might need to be re-done down the road.


3. Update light fixtures

For those who prefer simple, do-it-yourself home improvement projects, consider changing your light fixtures, adding a new lamp, and/or installing task lighting. Aside from adding an aesthetic element to your home, using appropriate lighting can help illuminate your space better and increase the energy-efficiency of your home. Plus, experts claim that using the right lighting (i.e. lights in the blue spectrum) allows you to beat the winter blues.

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