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Residential Exterior Painting

Four Seasons Painting and Home Improvement also excels in providing high quality exterior painting. In order to achieve consistent and flawless results, we follow a tried and true process when it comes to exterior painting as well. Don't put off sprucing up the outside of your house any longer, let us transform your home's exterior appearance and increase your property value today!

Four Seasons has extensive experience preparing for and performing exterior painting makeovers. Our procedure ensures our customers' property is completely safe throughout the course of the project and that all surfaces to be painted are properly and thoroughly prepared prior to ever receiving a coat of paint. Our exterior preparation and process includes but is not limited to the following specific tasks:

  • The first step of any good exterior painting project, which is absolutely essential, is to pressure-clean the entire structure with a special solution of bleach, water and tri-sodium phosphate. This proven mixture will remove any exterior dirt, algae, mildew, slime, grime and spores from the exterior surface of the house.
  • All areas where staging, preparation or painting will take place are covered with drop cloths. This includes driveways, walkways, shrubbery and anything else outside as needed.
  • All loose paint, caulking and glazing is removed.
  • All cracked caulking is re-coated with a silicon based / acrylic latex caulk with a manufacturer's warranty of not less than 50 years. All glazing is redone as needed.
  • After all loose paint has been removed, if there is any bare wood exposed it is spot primed with the correct exterior grade primer-sealer before any paint is ever applied.
  • Any rotten wood is replaced.
  • All woodwork is prepped, sanded and checked for imperfections. Imperfections large enough to correct will be filled with the appropriate filler compound, sanded and primed before any paint is ever applied.
  • Only after all preparation is complete do we apply PREMIUM GRADE PAINT for a top-quality and uniform finish.
  • Upon completion of all work, all work areas are cleaned to the customer's satisfaction.

Please don't hesitate to browse all our residential exterior improvement and repair services like siding, stucco, roofing and gutters!

Don't let old, shabby, peeling or faded paint ruin your home's appearance! Let Four Seasons transform your home's exterior! We create curb appeal!

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