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Wallpaper removal
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Few home improvement projects are more time consuming, messy, or frustrating, than stripping wallpaper. To remove wallpaper effectively, you need special tools, caustic chemical materials, and most of all, an incredible amount of patience. Additionally, you don't want to damage the drywall or plaster underneath, because then you have another repair job on your hands. For many do-it-yourselfers, removing wallpaper is a set up to fail.

And no cheating. DO not try painting over wallpaper or wallpapering over wallpaper. You will not like the end result.

Although wallpaper has lost much of its popularity with the introduction of faux painting, the wallpaper still has to be removed before a fresh coat of paint can be applied. The challenge is developing a system to remove the adhesive or glue from the wallpaper. There is no off-the-shelf wallpaper removal product you can just brush or spray on that makes the process easier.

Removing Wallpaper Without Damaging The Wall - Or Yourself

And that's where Four Seasons Painting & Home Improvement comes in. We have both the experience and the proper tools to strip the wallpaper without the painstaking process associated with wallpaper removal. In fact, believe it or not, older wallpaper is easier to remove because it responds better to moisture, but newer wallpaper has adhesive designed to resist moisture.

Many of our Atlanta clients ask us what is the best way to remove wallpaper. There is no easy answer or magic bullet. It depends on the wallpaper itself and the drywall underneath. We score, we steam and we scrape. But we do so gently. If you butcher the drywall or plaster, that creates another repair job. Good for us, but not so good for you!

Want an easy way to remove wallpaper? Call Four Seasons Painting & Home Improvement. We can get the wallpaper removed in less time and with a fraction of the frustration the average homeowner will feel.

Plus, we'll prepare the wall for the next treatment, whether you want to paint the walls, faux paint the walls or cover the walls with material. After wallpaper removal, the walls have to be cleaned so no residual glue exists, and sanded to create smoothness (unless you're going to use stucco).

At Four Seasons Painting & Home Improvement, we're experts at undesirable home tasks such as wallpaper removal, gutter cleaning or roof repair. We are full-service home repair specialists, so no task it too large or small for us to tackle.

If you think the days of the neighborhood "handyman" are gone, you haven't met us. We're a small company that works with homeowners, businesses, contractors, and interior designers. We're personable and professional. If you don't see a service listed, call us - we'll get it done!.

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