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Home improvement - Roof Gutters
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Water is one of your home's biggest and most intrusive enemies. Water has the potential to cause a wide range of damage to your home. Mold, mildew and foundation cracking are just a few of the problems that can be avoided by installing and properly maintaining an effective roof gutter system. Roof gutters are an integral part of your house and they need to be cared for and properly maintained on a regular basis.


There are quite a few reasons why My Four Seasons is continually recommended to install gutter systems on Atlanta, Alpharetta and Roswell homes and commercial buildings. The most obvious reason is that roof gutters increase a home's value while affording greater protection from water intrusion and resulting damage. Gutters are one of the most important features of a home and are quite often in need of replacement or are not maintained. Gutters play a vital role in preserving the integrity of a home. If a proper, effective gutter system is not present, or if gutters are not regularly maintained, water runoff can cause substantial damage. Regular gutter maintenance is critical to ensuring efficient water drainage away from your home or commercial structure. Clogged gutters can cause severe damage to your roof and structural foundation in addition to rotting fascia board and causing landscape erosion. Here are some other ways not having a properly functioning gutter system can damage your home:

  • When water remains on painted surfaces, it can weaken the paint and eventually cause the paint to peel and crack
  • Puddles by a structure's foundation eventually cause the cement to crack and can lead to interior flooding
  • Puddles by a cement slab or pad will ultimately undermine the slab and cause cracking and sinking
  • Splashing from puddles can rot exposed wood, leading to damaged and malfunctioning doors, door jams, windows, window sills, wood siding, fascia and decking
  • Water can ruin landscaping and landscape aggregate such as mulch beds
  • Water on walkways or driveways can turn to ice in winter
  • It will not crack, rot or delaminate
  • Entering or exiting a structure without gutters in wet weather makes it impossible to stay dry and creates a slipping hazard at the entryway

All of these potential consequences and situations can be avoided by letting My Four Seasons install a seamless gutter system on your home. Our gutter systems allow our customers to avoid the many costly repairs that water damage can cause. My Four Seasons has a long history of providing and installing the correct and what we feel are the most effective gutter systems. My Four Seasons knows that roof gutters and downspouts should be set up so that the water exiting your roof will easily flow far enough away from your house so as not to create puddles around the foundation and that gutters and downspouts should always be attached and fastened properly with the correct type of fastener and bracket. Our goal is to provide all our Atlanta, Alpharetta and Roswell customers with the best looking and most durable gutter systems available.


A gutter system should always be well maintained and checked regularly. Roof gutters should always be kept clear of debris that could potentially limit or stop the flow of water. If your house is surrounded by a lot of trees, My Four Seasons has a variety of leaf guards that can be installed on your gutters that will assist in preventing clogs by leaves and other tree borne debris. Leaf guards will also limit the amount of mess that needs to be removed and the amount of time required to perform regular maintenance on your gutters.

Climbing a ladder or standing on the edge of your roof to clean your gutters is a potentially highly dangerous task. My Four Seasons Painting and Home Improvement has extensive experience in gutter repairs, maintenance and installation. We always install continuous aluminum gutters that are custom manufactured on site for your specific needs. My Four Seasons only provides and installs what we believe are the best gutter systems and leaf guard available. Our gutters are available in more than 25 colors and gutter installation usually only takes a few hours.

Whether we install new seamless gutters for your home or place of business or set you up with one of our tailor made gutter maintenance packages, My Four Seasons will keep the water in your gutters flowing freely -- helping you to protect your home form costly water damage.

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