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Need color Advice and a job well done? Good thing you came to the professional paint contractors


Know the difference between Cobalt Blue, Indigo, Royal Blue, Yale Blue or Denim Blue? What about the difference between Asparagus Green, Shamrock Green or Emerald? No? You're not alone. Just picking Blue or Green for your living room may not be quite so simple after all. But it's certainly the fun part!

Most of us are not commercial paint contractors or home improvement contractors. We need a little help now and then. What is the style you're going after? How do you want to feel? Color is all about emotion: privacy and seclusion, fun and cheerful, modern and austere, old and traditional, young and fresh, creative and artsy? The answer comes from within.

Ok, fine. Picking the perfect color can seem like a dizzying task. Which color will make the room come alive, create a bit of drama, or provide that warm and cozy feeling? A little hideaway in the West Wing, perhaps?

An interior house painter knows there's more to it then slapping on a few coats of primer and color. Color sets the tone for the entire room kitchen family room, bathroom, home office, dining room and, of course, the bedroom.

Now, it's your turn. Do you want to go with Asparagus or Emerald?


A woman in Atlanta hired a residential house painter to make everything clean and new and she ended up with five rooms painted Eggshell White. After speaking with her kitchen remodeling contractor out of Marietta, she learned that there were more than 150 shades of white that she could have considered from Cosmic Latte to Pearl to Ivory to Vanilla. After panicking about her boring clean and new interior paint project, she reached out to a house painter in Roswell who sat her down and talked about the mood of the house. Should the kitchen feel like the living room? Where can we splash some color? What's the best use of an accent wall? Would you like to look through magazines together to see what others have done to create similar moods?

The answers to these questions come from the owner of the house, not the contractor or even the painting company. Nobody should set the mood for your home: Not a large painting service in Atlanta or a one-man residential house painter in Alpharetta or Roswell.

The woman decided to go with Royal Blue. When her friend asked her how she settled on this particular shade, she said: Guess I'm just feeling blue.


Some recommendations are just downright silly. Do you need a Feng Shui expert to tell you that certain colors will make your life more harmonious or prosperous or successful? Look, it's not rocket science (or Eastern Medicine, for that matter). Look at colors that make you feel something. There is no right or wrong. Leave it to the paint contractors and painting companies to recommend preparation treatment, type and amount of primer and paint, and some guidance on which colors tend to make spaces smaller or larger, or which colors have been paired in the past for clients looking to create your preferred mood. Let the professionals help you to manage the project and to help you to work through the process.

Professionals can also make recommendations that save you money, providing more value to the project. But, is a color guru necessary to come to the rescue? That's just silly.

Have you spent 90% of your time on your kitchen remodel discussing the cabinets and island position and types of ceiling fans you're going to install? And 10% of your time on the color that will set the overall tone? The kitchen is the center of the home so many families prefer a warm and inviting color; but, hey, maybe lime green is your thing (we're not judging). Maybe our Feng Shui expert might tell you that your color selection won't help you win the Georgia State Lottery, but you'll enjoy that warm, earthy feeling.

Of course professional paint contractors can help to make sure the job is done right: proper use of primer, sanding materials, amount of paint, quality of paint and other mechanics. But color selection is personal. And that's the way it should be.

To reiterate. You select your color based on your passion, and the professionals do the dirty work. Let them handle the details like which type of paint to select: latex, oil, matte, satin or gloss?

Professional paint contractors should not be in the business of telling you which colors are best for your kitchen or bathroom or bedroom. Now, they can certainly make suggestions: White rooms tend to look bigger. How about a fun, bright color in the baby's room or game room?

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